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CIGA Match Cup

2015 CIGA Match Cup 比赛规则

The 2015 CIGA Match Cup will consists of two match-play sessions played over two weekends.

All players will be picked to form two teams up by team captains.

Each match has 1 point available. The winner side earns 1 point after 18 holes. Should the two sides be tied after 18 holes, each side earns a halve (1/2 point).

Game will use two formats Fourballs and Singles.
Fourballs is when two players from team A tee off against two players from team B in a foursome group. Each player plays his own ball for the entire hole. The lowest score from the two partners counts as the team score for the hole.
Singles is one-on-one matches contested with one player from team A tee off against one player from team B.

The score of the match is determined based on the number of holes won by each side, as opposed to stroke play, where the number of strokes are added up at the end to determine a winner.

The first session will play Fourballs format and it will be one match throughout 18 holes. That means 1 point available for a 18-hole match.

The second session will play Singles format and it will be two matches in this session, one match from hole 1 to hole 9 and another match from hole 10 to hole 18. That also means 1 point for a front 9- hole match and 1 point for a back 9- hole match.

The captain from team A and the captain from team B determine which of their players will play together in a particular session, as well as the order in which they will play. Two captains should not communicate with each other regarding the grouping and ordering.

The captains submit their respective line ups to event Organizer on Submission Day (one day before Match Day) and the Organizer will pair players in foursome groups according to the order of playing submitted by captains. The final line-up for matches will be revealed by end of the Submission Day.

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Kevin Zhang, Exective Director

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