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Angus Cup 2015
Jun 09, 2015
I have the privilege and honour to attend the annual (their 3rd ) Angus Cup Golf tournament at the Angus Glen South Course on June 7, 2015. Big Thanks to Mark, Sunny, committee and sponsors for their hard work to make this event fun and successful.

52 players joined. Team match format. Team Grizzlies vs Team Buffalos.
The best personal score was 77 by Frank and the worst score was 100++ by me!
However,  the most important thing is that my Team Grizzlies still won! 

It was exciting all the way down to the last group match to declare the Team Grizzlies was the winner.
Wonderful and satisfying dinner with lucky prize draws at  皇家御宴 after the game.

visit http://anguscup.dawninfotek.com for more for their Angus Cup photos.

I am looking forward to their Angus Cup 2016.

June 9, 2015