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CIGA Spring Cup 2017
Jun 05, 2017
Captains: Kevin Li & Tom Tong
Committee Members: Ruofan Li, Gu Qian, Sophia Li, Lubo Li, Richard Li

Golf Course:

Nobleton Lakes Golf Club

Address:125 Nobleton Lakes Drive, Nobleton, Ontario L0G 1N0
Phone: (905) 859-4070

Saturday, Jun 10, 2017 
1. Registration from 10am-11am, and group photo at 11:30am.
2. 12:00pm Modified Shotgun Start

Awards: (Max one trophy per player)
Lady: 1st, 2nd place, closest to the pin and longest drive.
Men: blue tee: 
1st, 2nd, place; white tee: 1st, 2nd place' closest to the pin and longest drive.

Men's longest drive hole = ??, closest to the pin = ??, Ladies closest to the pin = ??, longest drive = ??

In case of a tied score
Player with most Eagles shall take precedence over others. if it's tied, birdies, pars and bogeys shall be taken into account and player with most birdies and pars shall win. If it's tied again, single hole score from 18th hole counting backward shall be compared until a superior score is found and the player who has the earliest superior score shall be the winner.

Green & Dinning Fee

Lucky Draws:
Many lucky draw items

Tee Boxes:
Men Alpha group will play from the blue tee box.  
Men Beta group will play from the white tee box.  
Ladies will play from the red tee box.


No. Tee Group Name Dinner Guest Payment Notes
1 1A Cong Li Yes $ 120.00
2 1A Victor Du Yes $ 120.00
3 1A Mouyong Ye No $ 85.00
4 1A Jay Chu No $ 85.00
5 1B Ben Wang No $ 85.00
6 1B Qian Gu Yes $ 120.00
7 1B Yi Xu No $ 85.00
8 1B Lizhou Wen Yes $ 120.00
9 2A James Cheng No $ 85.00
10 2A Lubo Li Yes $ 120.00
11 2A Daju Gu Yes $ 120.00
12 2A Andrew Lee Yes $ 120.00
13 2B Minglei Wang No $ 85.00
14 2B Zuqiang Wang( MingleiWang) No Guest $ 90.00
15 2B Lawrence Ding No $ 85.00
16 2B Zhongyang Feng Yes $ 120.00
17 3A John Xu No $ 85.00
18 3A Hubert Yu Yes $ 120.00
19 3A Jeff Shi Yes $ 120.00
20 3A Ryder Wang Yes $ 120.00
21 3B Ruofan Li Yes $ 120.00
22 3B Nicole Zhu No $ 85.00
23 3B Tim Ge No $ 85.00
24 3B David Yang Yes $ 120.00
25 4A Susan Wang No $ 85.00
26 4A Jie Huang Yes $ 120.00
27 4A Helena Zhou Yes $ 120.00
28 4A Grace Guo Yes $ 120.00
29 4B Yong Liu No $ 85.00
30 4B Victor Geng Yes $ 120.00
31 4B Tony Zhao No $ 85.00
32 4B Ruo Feng Yes $ 120.00
33 5A Peter Huang Yes $ 120.00
34 5A Frank Deng Yes $ 120.00
35 5A Weidong Li No $ 85.00
36 5A Tony Chan Yes $ 120.00
37 5B Sophia Li Yes $ 120.00
38 5B Mei Wang Yes $ 120.00
39 5B Selina Zhang( Xiaoying Huang) Yes $ 120.00
40 5B Xiaoying Huang Yes $ 120.00
41 6A Raymond Wang Yes $ 120.00
42 6A Julia Leung( Raymond Wang) Yes Guest $ 130.00
43 6A Chengxing Wang Yes $ 120.00
44 6B Jasper Ding Yes $ 120.00
45 6B Sean Song( Jasper) Yes Guest $ 130.00
46 6B George Wang( Jasper) Yes Guest $ 130.00
47 6B Ruifeng Liu( Jasper) No Guest $ 90.00
48 7A Jun Lin No $ 85.00
49 7A Kevin Li Yes $ 120.00
50 7A Jun Zhao No $ 85.00
51 7A Edward Wang No $ 85.00
52 7B BingCheng Li Yes $ 120.00
53 7B Pengjun Wang( Bingcheng) Yes Guest $ 130.00
54 7B Xu Chen Yes $ 120.00
55 7B Tom Tong Yes $ 120.00
56 8A Richard Li Yes $ 120.00
57 8A Andy Wu Yes $ 120.00
58 8A Sean Deng No $ 85.00
59 8B Jason Wang Yes $ 120.00
60 8B Michael Zheng Yes $ 120.00
61 8B Derek Jin No $ 85.00
1) First player from each pairing is responsible for ball markings and scorecards.  Two scorecards per group (one scorecard per power cart), one for the pro-shop and the second for CIGA organizers.

2) Registration table will be set up inside the foyer along with a Fort McMurray wild fire donation box.
3) Upon arrival, please drive directly to the bag drop off area & a staff will assist you with loading your golf bag.
4) Free use of driving range is included.
5) It is modified shotgun start, meaning we will have 2 groups per hole & everyone will start roughly the same time.  

CIGA, members of CIGA

Format: Modified Stableford

1) Modified Stableford Scoring
a. Bogey: 1 point
b. Par: 2 points
c: Birdie: 4 points
d: Eagle: 8 points
e: Hole-in-one: 16 points
f: Double Bogey or more: if at a particular hole, you have exceeded par+1 and have not holed out, e.g. 4 strokes on par 3s or 5 strokes on par 4s, you need not to finish that particular hole and carry on to the next hole. Your score for the hole is marked as Double Bogey.

Score card requirements
a. For every group of four players, there must be two score cards which shall be signed by each and every player in the group and handed over to the organizers after completing the play. If there is lack of signed score cards, the players shall not be entitled for the tournament awards.
b. Score cards must be marked by the total number of strokes on each hole and for each player e.g. Par 4s must be marked 4 for pars, 3 for birdies and 5 for bogeys.
Play Rules
1. One-stroke penalty for all kinds of lost ball (including tee off), ball unplayable, ball in rough, ball out of bound, ball in water, etc.
2. If ball falls into water hazard, drop ball in drop zone. If there is no drop zone, drop ball behind water hazard (further side from green) at any position you choose. If it is lateral water hazard, treat it as out of bound.
3. If ball is out of bound, in rough (including green side rough), ball unplayable, and in lateral water hazard, drop ball within two-club length approximately inward (closer to fairway or green side) from edge of bound where the ball was found or where the ball crossed bound of lateral water hazard approximately. If there is a doubt, consult with playing partners to get agreement from them.
4. Free relief from cart path and drops ball at outside grass (further side from fairway) of cart path, if outside grass is rough, then drop at inside, near the original ball position.
5. Free relief if ball lands in water on fairway and bunker if rain. If the ball is in bunker, ball has to be dropped inside bunker on dry sand.
6. The MAX stroke is +2 on a hole.


I, the undersigned, hereby waive, release and hold harmless CIGA, its executives, committee members, volunteer, employees, as well as the Golf course and  its employees from any liability resulting from injury or loss through my participation in CIGA event.  
I hereby give my permission to allow my name, photographs and tournament/event results to be released to the press/media and allow this information to be posted on the official CIGA website including any articles resulting in my success.