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CIGA Cup - Fedex Style

1.       No gambling is allowed during CIGA organized events.
2.       When players are grouped for coming events, the CIGA team competition rules will apply.
3.       CIGA Team competitionrules:
a.       When there are captains elected or self-nominated, captains are responsible of building their teams from participated players; otherwise, 2 teams will be automatically created using lots draw method
b.      Use Stableford format, bodgey:1 point, par: 2points, birdie: 4 points, eagle 6 points.
c.       All participant will get 200 point (participant point), The team with higher score will win, the winning team members earned 200 more point for the game, top 3 players of each team receiving additional 100 points.
d.      When ties, all participants earned 100 more point.
e.      After the game, will have a gathering at hole 19.
f.        Those need to leave earlier before the competition result is revealed, please contribute $5 (regardless win or lose afterward).
g.       Each member of lost team need to contribute $5.
h.       All the remaining of contribution will be spent at hole 19.
4.       Apply red-stake rules to all unplayable situations (in the water or OB), one stroke penalty and drop ball near the entrance point. The dropped location must be between the previous hitting location and entrance to the hazard. The dropped location to the green is further than the entrance point to the green.
5.       No mulligan at all the time, gimme can only be granted by your opponents in the same group.
6.        CIGA Cup will be awarded to the player with highest score, the score will be calculated from earned points at season matches, and the final 2 official games. Those CIGA Cup qualified team matches will be published 2 weeks in advance on CIGA’s web site. The winner of CIGA Cup will keep the trophy for a year, and CIGA will publish winner’s picture on the web site home page for the whole period of year.
7.       For those carpool for the CIGA events, please pay $5 each time to the driver, to show your appreciation. $5 bill cash only, no credit or debit card please. 
8.  Here is how the winner is chosen:
a. After the Sep 10th game, if there is only one player earnest most points, the player is the winner of 2018 Points Cup.
b. After the Sep 10th game, if there are multiple players having the same highest score, will compare the total stableford points from the CIGA Cup tournaments, the most wins. 
c. If still can't decide the winner (multiple players still got same score from last 2 games), will have a sudden death competition on a chosen green on Sep 10th, each player takes turn to putter from 30 feet, 15 feet, 8 feet, 30 feet, 15 feet, 8 feet, until we have the winner.




Leader board - 2018 排名榜
May 20, 2018
  5/20/2018 - Upper Unionville
Name Participation Points Winning Points Top-3 Points Total
Richard 200   100 300
Sean Deng 200   100 300
Peng Tang 200   100 300
Tony Chan 200     200
Paul Lian 200     200
Elvis li 200     200
Liu Yong 200     200
Susan Wang 200     200
Tony Zhao 200     200
Wayne Yu 200     200
Tantan li 200     200
Dennis Chen 200     200
Charlie Zou  200     200
Shirley 200     200
Jason Wang 200 200   400
Hubert Yu 200 200   400
Xu Chen 200 200   400
Ye MouYong 200 200   400
James Pan 200 200   400
老葛 200 200   400
George Wang 200 200   400
Ruo Feng 200 200   400
老罗 200 200   400
Mei Wang 200 200 100 500
Eric Yang 200 200   400
Celina Zhang 200 200 100 500
Derek Jin 200 200 100 500
claudia xu 200 200   400