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Become CIGA Member
Become a member of the Canada International Golf Association (CIGA)!
  • Pre-booked weekend tee times on top-rated local courses
  • Play with people with similar abilities
  • Learn how to play by the Rules of Golf
  • Ability to track your stats and scores online
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Enjoy discounted prices granted to the association.
  • Learn how to play your best competitive golf in a friendly atmosphere
  • Great prizes available to be won at each tournament
  • Enjoy training and clinic services on golfing techniques.

Canada International Golf Association (CIGA) is a non-profit organization (NGO). CIGA has been operating for over 3 years. The number of its active members has reached to a level that it necessitates a membership model to better facilitate its future operation. This move will support increasing amounts of operational efforts, formalize regular events, and improve member golfing experiences. We are thrilled to announce the membership program will start at the beginning of 2016 golf season.

Here are the highlights of CIGA membership:

1.       CIGA Core Values
          a.           Happy playing and learning of golfing.
          b.           Enjoy friendship and behave morally.     
          c.           Gambling is forbidden on all CIGA organized events.
          d.           Respect for each other.
          e.           Take responsibility and help fellow members.
          f.            Contribute to community and society.

2.       CIGA membership annual fee is initial fee $20, and annual fee $30. Each membership year starts from Oct 1st.

          Initial fee is only paid when join the club.

          For any continuous 7 years membership members, will be member of CIGA Prestige Club, allowing keeping membership without paying annual fee                 (also mean not attending club activties) for any period of time which is less than 3 years.

         The collected membership fee will be managed by CIGA council, and only can be used to the following: 1. Captains compensation, 2. Food                             & Benerages for volunteers during CIGA events, 3. Monthly competition awards, 4. CIGA Administration cost (accountant, web site hosting etc)

3.       CIGA council is the governing body of CIGA membership. Founders of CIGA are member of CIGA council automatically. Other recognized                             individuals can also become member of council. CIGA council has the final decision on disputable items/matters.

4.       The member of CIGA council will be assigned in every year.
5.       CIGA council is responsible of all operational activities. 

6.       Before Oct 21st 2015, a member of CIGA Forum chat group, as of Sep 20th, can apply for CIGA membership. Once an application is reviewed                     and approved by the CIGA council, he or she will become a member of CIGA.

7.       After Oct 21st 2015, an applicant needs at least 2 referrals before applying for membership. The membership will be granted at the approval of CIGA             council.

8.       A CIGA member has the following rights:
a.            To renew membership at beginning of each membership year at a discounted rate ($30).
b.            To quit CIGA.
c.            To refer and to introduce friends or family members to apply for CIGA membership.
d.           To participate in CIGA organized regular events.
e.            To participate in CIGA annual tournament at discounted rate.
f.            To opt out captain role.
g.           To buy cloths, hat, golf ball bearing CIGA logo and signs.
h.           To enjoy discounted green fees granted to CIGA.
i.             To work as a captain for specific event, and receive compensation for the volunteer work.
j.             To voice suggestions or concerns to CIGC council.
k.            To participate in CIGA charity events.
l.             To participate in CIGA organized golf learning program.
9.       A CIGA member has the following responsibilities:
          a.             Pay annual fee, no later than Nov 1st of each calendar year. Delay of membership fee payment will result in suspension of membership.                                Any suspension over a year entails automatic release of CIGA membership. Discounted renewal fee will not be granted to late renewal                                  member.
          b.             Respect CIGA core values, behave and conduct accordingly.
          c.             Maintain and improve CIGA’s reputation and public image.
          d.             Wear CIGA logo bearing t-shirt on monthly completion events.

10.        If the conduct and behavior of a member conflicts with CIGA core values, a motion shall be brought forward to CIGA council by no less than 3                        members. To release a member from the association, a final reviewing and voting process must be conducted by members of council to ensure its                  fairness.

11.        Event Captain
            a.             By default, all CIGA members can be chosen to act as the captain for a specific event.
            b.             A member can opt out for the role.
            c.             Captains will be randomly chosen from eligible candidates.
            d.            All members will have equal chance to act as the captain.
            e.            At each event, CIGA will compensate each captain, for his or her's volunteer work, with $20 cash or golf items (such as golf                                                  balls).
            f.             Captain will be responsible for :
                  a.       Choose game course, booking tee time, set game format.
                  b.       Organizing completion groups.
                  c.       Creating pairings.
                  d.       Collecting scorecards after a golfing round.
                  e.       Calculating scores and getting the completion result.
                  f.       Publish competion result.
                  g.      Arrange post game gathering.

We, CIGA board/founders, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, to refuse service and to terminate membership to anyone.

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